This is an episode of The Mario Show.


Wario: Let's buy a Wii, Waluigi.

Waluigi: Cool!

At the Nintendo Store...

Wario: Here they are. The Wiis. Let's buy one.

Waluigi: (picks one up) 2 pennies? Awesome!

Wario: I brought one thousand dollars.

Waluigi: Okay.

Cashier: Hello.

Waluigi: We have this Wii we'll buy.

Cashier: That's on sale. The Wii is now worth ZERO DOLLARS!

Wario: but I only have 1000$.

Cashier: Sorry, that isn't the right amount.

Waluigi: Can I buy it?

Cashier: How much money do you have?

Waluigi: I have ZERO DOLLARS!

Cashier: OK, here you go

Wario: Oh come on! I have more money and he gets to buy it?!?!?!?

Back at their house...

Wario: Lets play Wii!

Waluigi: No. It is my Wii. If I let you play, the Wii daemons will take the Wii away.

Wario: Don't be silly. Wii daemons are a myth.

Waluigi: I guess you are right...

Afterthey have played wii for an hour, Waluigi goes to the toilet. Wario keeps playing wii

Wii Daemons: How dare you play on Waluigi's Wii.

Waluigi returns

Waluigi: I'm back!

Wii Daemons: And you let him!

The wii daemons fly away with the wii

Waluigi: Oh, crud.

Wario: Lets get a new one. If we both buy it, we can both play!

Back at the shop

Cashier: Sorry, shop policy, second wii is 2000$

Wario: I have 1000$

Waluigi: I have 5 cents and some chewing gum.

Cashier: Oh boy, Chewing gum! Give me the gum, and you can have the shop!

Wario: Deal.

Cashier: (runs off naked)

Wario: Yay, we own a store. Now what?

The cashier goes to jail

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