This is an episode of The Mario Show.


Mario: Six a.m? Time to wake up!

Luigi: Really? I'm sleeping until noon.
6 a.m.

Mario: Enjoy six hours in bed to yourself. (walks away)

In the kitchen

Mario: Ah, let's see. What cereals do we have? Cornflakes, Mari O's, Toad Munchies, and Veggie Loops. I'll have some Mari O's. (pours the cereal into the bowl, then the milk) 

A few minutes later

Mario: I think I'll go to get a Wii for Luigi and me to play

Mario watches the news for 2 hours then leaves for the Wa Mall.

Scene randomly switches to Yoshi's house

Yoshi: I love waking up early.

Birdo: Me too.

At the Wa Mall

Mario: Let's find the Nintendo Store. (looks) That was easy.. (walks inside) Let's see. DSi's... Nintendo PeeDSs.... It's 2049 already? Ah. The Wiis.

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