Time to learn UnFrench!


Basic phrasesEdit

Hello is very simple. Just say jikfhker. Goodbye is fsvjldnkjfiokdms. Thank you is iueho. Please is osdjfioakdso. There is much more to UnFrench than just this, and that will be explained now.

This is going to be terrible.

All the words that have so far been worked into the languageEdit

  • The ones listed above
  • One is ijfaos
  • Two is orkdfa
  • Three is jkerj[toerjkfna;oe
  • Four is aeuhi
  • Five is ajkdgfh
  • Six is kdhjpfds 
  • Seven is odafp
  • Eight is oeipr
  • Nine is euiwjkra
  • Ten is tjdafoo
  • China is ofdfmal
  • Banana is doshios
  • Spaghetti is oidkjafpo;ds
  • A is goa
  • Have is rkejfpa
  • Awesome is jrgk mt vbkcjb ob 7t hlskjhhjgjuggduhkyc
  • Matthew is okdhfvs,.nrbtj tysj hwgbrjsm.
  • TV is jkfdnfaenwd kfv erkm,nfs ijklsdm

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