This is an episode of Wacky Waluigi's Wheel of Misfortune.


Waluigi: Hello, and welcome to another episode of Wacky Waluigi's Wheel of Misfortune. Today's contestants are...

Mario: I'm Mario.

Daisy: I'm Daisy.

Dixie Kong: I'm Dixie Kong.

Daisy: And I'm Daisy, I'm Daisy, I'm Daisy, I'm Daisy, and also I'm Daisy.

Waluigi: In each episode, the contestant number is different. Today we have 2 rounds with 5 questions. Okay, welcome to round 1. Time for me to spin the wheel. (spins) 5,000! A lot at stake here. Okay, question 1. What is the name of the yellow pigment in a leaf? Anyone?

Daisy: Um, anthocyanin?

Waluigi: No. That's the red pigment.

Daisy: Crud.

Mario: Xanthophyll.

Waluigi: Correct! Mario has 5,000 dollars. Everyone else, good luck. Next question. Who was the first person to discover America?

Dixie Kong: Christopher Columbus?

Waluigi: Good guess!

Dixie Kong: Woo hoo!

Waluigi: But that answer is wrong. Anyone else want to take a crack at it? No? All right. The correct answer is Leiff Ericsson.

Contestants: Wow. Really? Surprising.

Waluigi: Yes it is. Oh, I forgot. The winner gets a trip to Barbados! Question number 3. How many years has Pat Sajak hosted Wheel of Fortune?

Daisy: 30?

Waluigi: Have you watched the show lately?

Daisy: Did I get it wrong?

Waluigi: That answer is correct. Mario and Daisy each have 5,000 dollars. Dixie Kong, you suck. NOT! This next question is about math. Here is some paper to help you show your work and a calculator. Kidding, this question is not math. Question 4. How many pennants have the New York Yankees won? 

Mario: 40.

Waluigi: Correct. 10,000 dollars for you. Woohoo!

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