Here are 200 ways to be random. Or more. We'll see.


Go on Club Penguin and waddle around naked. You will probably get banned from saying the word naked, but whatever. Who cares?


Run into the bathroom and wash your hands in the urinal. Bark. 


Make a couch cushion sandwich. First, take a couch cushion, then another one. On one cushion, add mustard, cheese, bacon, and whatever you want.


Drink a banana. Delicious. Whatever you do, don't drink the peel. It is poisonous. Foo. You drank it. I'm not coming to your funeral.


Throw your television out the window. See: Throwing your television out the window.


Find a mud puddle and roll around in it.


Pick a key and only use that one key in a sentence. For example: a aa aaaaaaaa aaaa aaa, aaa aaaaaaaaaaa translates to I am awesomer than you, you wackadoodle.


Put a grape in the microwave. I'm not telling you what'll happen. Oh, what the heck. The grape will explode, but


fortunately not the microwave.


Ask someone on the street what one plus one is.


Find a few friends and form a group called the Garlic Brothers. You ask people on the street if they have any garlic and see what their reaction is. A few of my friends did that. 


Lick your back.


Create a Herp or Derp costume. You can be eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.


Write a long long long long long long run-on sentence.


Sing every Disney Junior song you hear. With a twist. For example, if I sang the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song, I would not sing M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. I would sing S-T-I-N-K-Y M-O-U-S-E. It works all right. It's the Stinky Mouse Clubhouse.


If you see Justin Bieber win an award on TV, throw it out the window and tell your mom Taylor Lautner broke your sofa.


Use Gizoogle to translate all sorts of websites, any one you want.



Go to McDonald's. Okay, but then what you do is order... A PIZZA!


Speak Cdk Language all day long.


Eat a waffle, then say, "Mmmmmmmmm, a banana."


At 12:01 A.M, scream in your brother's face, "WAKE UP!"


Go to the mall and whisper to a random person "You are a pony."


When you're stretching, don't say you're stretching. Say you're stuck.


Burp on your mom in the middle of the night.


Create an email address such as or Then give it to your friends.

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