1. I solved 5 sides once.
  2. (when they see the 2x2) "Oh, I can do that!" (2000 years later) "HOW?!?!!?"
  3. (when they see you solve the 3x3) Whoa, you're a magician!
  4. I just peel the stickers off.
  5. Can you show me how to do that?
  6. I can't even solve the 1x1.
  7. (when they see your cube collection) Whoa, is that a Rubik's Triangle? (Nope, Pyraminx)
  8. I thought it was unsolvable!
  9. (when talking about you) He can solve it in like 10 seconds!
  10. Calling puzzles cubes when they're not even cubes!
  11. (when doing PLL) You almost had it!