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MOTHER Commercial (subtitled)

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Mother 1 was a game made in the early 90's In Japan . it was supposed to be released in the US, but due to the production of the SNES, it was cancelled. the only mother game that was released in the US was Earthbound.

Mother 1Edit

Mother 1 was the first game in the mother series. The main protagonist, Ninten, has to collect the eight melodies with the help of Lloyd , Ana , and teddy, to sing to queen mary. After hearing the melodies she tells them she is marie, george's wife. she also tells them about an alien she took in as her own named gyiyg. She then teleports back to george's side. the group retreats back to holy loly mountain to sing the melodies to gyiyg. feeling maries motherly love he retreats, saying he and ninten wil " meet again". this isn't really detailed, so if you want to know more, just go to wikipedia.


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