This is an episode of The Mario Show, with special guest appearances by the cast of Jake and the Never Land Pirates.


Jake: Izzy, Cubby, Sharky, Bones, we're attracting zero fans with our stupid band. I QUIT.

Izzy: ME TOO.

Mario: Amd we're gonna take your place with the power of my guitar...

Luigi: My keyboard...

Yoshi: My tongue, and drums....

Mario: And my singing. See, we haven't even started and we already have 750,000 Twitter followers.

Cubby: How is that possible?

Luigi: Everyone loves Mario and his friends.

Izzy: Everyone?

Captain Hook: Everyone?

Mario: Ah, make that one million followers. In two minutes.

Everyone from Jake and the Never Land Pirates: (explodes)

Mario: And we're calling our band Maliyo, which ironically is pronounced like Malleo.

Luigi: It has the first two letters in our names except mine, I elected for my first and last letters to be contributed.

The JATNLP characters come back to life and explode.

Mario: They exploded twice.

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