Terdpuff is something Herp and Derp say, in a similar way to Oh, shiznik!

Example in dialogueEdit

Herp and Derp are in Enchancia. They sneak into the castle and steal Sofia's dress. Sofia wakes up as Herp and Derp leave the room.

Sofia: Time to put on my dress! (opens closet) What?! No dress?! This can only be the work of...(in a way similar to Denzel Crocker) HERPANDDERP!!!

Derp: Oh, terdpuff.

Example 2Edit

Still in Enchancia....

Herp: Time to kill Sofia

Derp: Let's go (gunfire)

Sofia: A gunfire that almost killed me? HERPANDDERP!

Herp: Oh, terdpuff.....

Derp: I'm outta here.


Derp: Double terdpuff.


Terdpuff terdpuff terdpuff terdpuff terdpuff

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