Television is what happens when companies hire people to act out stupid scenes for a lotta minutes worth of stuff and put it on everybody's screen. 97 million people were awesome enough to fall for the awesomeness of TV. When they got home, they watched stuff on it for an average of 19 hours a day, 11 of which were performed while sleeping.

How to watch itEdit

To watch a TV, You must first find one at a store.

How to buy a TVEdit

To buy a TV, you can go to a store, flip upside down, and find them. Use magic to make them levitate to the cash register, and go home without paying. You then run home before the police find you, and you go to jail for 3 weeks, and then you may resume watching.

You forgot somethingEdit

Before you can watch, you must set everything up.

You need to do all of this.

You do this by taking the 3,829 wires out of the box, and then you have to organize them, which may require three elephants and a box of Rubik's Cubes. Once you finish you may turn it on, put batteries in the remote control, and watch random shows. Every TV comes with 10,000 TV channels, 259 of which are just static, the rest are awesome.

What to watch on itEdit

You can watch many things on your new TV. A list is coming soon at List of things to watch on TV.

You can watch shows, movies, sports, and news!

What's that, you spend eleven hours of TV time while sleeping?Edit

Well, my friend, that is what happens when you leave the TV on at night. Technically, you are watching whenever the TV is on.

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