This is an episode of The Mario Show


Mario: I think I'm going to go swimming at the Wa Pool.

Luigi: The Wa Pool? Where Wario claims he takes up half the pool.

Mario: That's the one.

Luigi: Let's invite all our friends. The pool is ridiculously huge.

Mario: The only way Wario can take up half a pool is if he was in a half-sized kiddie pool.

At teh poooooool

Yoshi: (swims around and finds Wario): Hi, Wario.

Wario: Hey, Yoshi.

Toad: Let's go get some food.

(Everyone swims to the food stand)

Waluigi: Welcome to the Wa Pool Food Stand. What would you like?

Toad: Can I have a McDonald's number 15 with a vanilla shake without whipped cream or cherry and barbecue sauce?

Wario: Same for me and Yoshi,

Waluigi: Here you go.

Toad: Hmmmmm, what should I eat furst?

Wario: I like the fries best.

Toad: Yeah. me too.

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