This is an episode of The Mario Show.


Mario: Sure is hot today.

Luigi: Duh, it's-a summer.

Mario: Don't act like I'm-a stupid.

Luigi: But you-a ARE-a stupeed-a.

Mario: I'm-a not.

Luigi: What is 1x5?

Mario: Ummm... 15?

Luigi: Exactly.

Mario: Yay, smart! Anyway, what do we do about the heat?

Luigi: I have an idea!

In the walk-in freezer

This thing is huge.

Luigi: Another great idea by yours truly.

Mario: It sure is cold in here.

Outside the freezer

Bowser: It's awful hot out here! Can I come in?

Mario (From inside Freezer): No, go away.

Bowser: Why not?

Mario: You have BO.

Bowser: I do not!

Mario: Have you checked?

Bowser: OH MY GOSH!!! That reeks. (Puts some deodorant on)

Mario: You need a shower as well.

Bowser: I don't need a shower!

Mario: No shower, no entry.

Bowser: What!

Mario: My freezer, my rules.

Bowser: The cheek of it! I bought him that freezer.

Bowser locks the Freezer

Luigi: Its-a cold now!

Mario: We should-a go warm up outside-a

Luigi: The door-a is-a locked

Mario: Oh no!

3 hours later

Bowser: So how are you guys. HAHAHA

Luigi: I... hate you

Bowser: What about Mario?

Luigi: (knocks on Mario) He's frozen solid

Bowser: Well that is one way of staying cool in the heat. I just turned the Air Conditioning on!

Luigi: Oops...

Mario: What happened?

Luigi: (sees the key) Well, we're getting out of here. (unlocks door)

The brothers walk outside

Bowser: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! What? How did you guys escape?

Luigi: I am surrounded by idiots. ALL THE TIME!!!!!

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