Siri is an application for the iPad and other Apple devices. 

Things you can do with herEdit

Ask her questions and she'll answer.

Whoops, I forgot somethingEdit

To get Siri, you must press the button on the bottom of the iPad and then Siri will come up. Then you start asking questions.

Things you can do with her section 2Edit

You can say things about her, and she will respond. You can fire her, and she will say, "After all I've done for you?" When you say goodbye, Siri will automatically close.

You can make Siri a MANEdit

Male Siri does things just about the same way as Female Siri, except in a male voice, of course. To make Siri a man, just go to the settings, under the general tab, click Siri, go down to Voice Gender, and pick Male.


I'm going to eat a pencil.

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