This is an episode of The Mario Show.

Shrunk Mario
Season 2, Episode 14
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Air date February 28, 2013
Written by Matt11111 and Firefly233
Directed by Matt11111 and Firefly233
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Mario: Time to shrink myself to see what it's like to sleep on a hamburger!

Luigi: I'm gonna try it too!

(Mario turns on the shrink ray)

Mario: Yes! Oopsie. I forgot to make the hamburgers.

(Luigi and Mario grow again and Luigi goes to order a Big Mac, then shrink again.)

Mario: This is probably the biggest burger in the world!!!

Luigi:No it isn't, we're just small. LET'S EAT IT INSTEAD!!!

(Mario and Luigi eat all of the burger)

Mario: Tastes like one from McDonald's.

Luigi: That's because it's a Big Mac.

Mario: Crud! I must be so fat now!

Luigi: We're both tubby. But that was yummy!

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