This is an episode of The Mario Show.

Background InfoEdit

  • Some of the employees at the Wario Mall include: Stan the dog, Wario, Waluigi, and Toad.


Mario: Well, I think I will go shopping today.

Luigi: Let's go to the Wario Mall.

Mario: Okay.

At the Wario Mall

Wario: Wah-wah! Welcome to the Wario Mall. What do you want to do today? We have 5 restaurants, 420 stores, a play area, and a whole area dedicated to Mario characters.

Mario: Hee! Awesome! We are going to so to.... (looks at map) McDonald's!

Luigi: No, you are. I'm going to Burger King. Hee hee! Whoppers are so in right now.

Waluigi: As they always are. When was the last time they were out?

Mario: Well, I'm off.

Luigi: Me too.

In the elevator

Luigi: McDonald's is on the second floor and Burger King is on the fourth.

Mario: This is my stop. (gets off)

Luigi: So, Yoshi?

Yoshi: Yeah?

Luigi: What's been up with you lately?

Yoshi: I've been thinking of legally changing my name.

Luigi: To what?

Yoshi: Yoshiarta! Wouldn't that be awesome?

Luigi: This is my stop.

Yoshiarta: My name has been changed.

At McDonald's

Mario: Hello, I would like to order a #13 with a vanilla shake, no whipped cream, no cherry. Also a large Coke for Luigi.

Stan: Woof. Here you go. That'll be one penny.

Mario: This is freaking me out.

Stan: It freaked out Wario too. We need you to pay.

Mario: Can I give you one dollar?

Stan: Sure!

Mario: Here you go.

(Stan gets the food ready.)

At Burger King

Luigi: Hello, Toad. 

Toad: HI! YEAH! So great to see you here.

Luigi: I want seven Whoppers.

Toad: That's one for each day of the week!

Luigi: And I plan to make them last a month.

Toad: Cool.

In the elevator

Yoshi: I changed my name back to Yoshi.

Mario and Luigi: Yoshi. Okay. Well, I guess we could get rid of the thought of.. Hey, stop talking. What's going on, here? Oh, come on. This is getting creepy.

Mario: We can talk individually.

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