Sandwchey! Crashed! is an episode of Mario Show Crashed.

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode was the fifteenth episode in The Mario Show, but here it is only the second episode.
  • The crashed episode is Sandwichey!


Matt: Welcome! Where the heck is Cornflake?

Cornflake enters.

Cornflake: (eating cornflakes) I'm just eating my favorite breakfast. At four in the afternoon.

Matt: Time to get to the episode, but first, in the news, Bowser has become a good guy. 

Cornflake: Yay.

Mario: I am making sandwiches for a partay!

Luigi: Mario, they smell great!

Mario: Here's my list of sandwich types: C, CT, T, H, CH, TCH, BLOTHERT, P, BLTOTHERTPR, and more.

Matt: Wait a minute. What do they stand for?

Luigi: What do they stand for?

Matt: That's what I just said.

Mario: C is for cheese, T is for turkey, H is for ham, othert is for tomato, r is for rye, B is for bacon, and L is for lettuce.

Cornflake: Ah.

At the party

Toad: Mario, can I take a million of these to go!

Matt: A million?!?

Toad: I want 2 hundred thousand BLOTHERT, 5 hundred thousand CT, 2 hundred thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine point nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine BLT, and one thousand C. You can load them onto my truck outside.

Mario: Here-a you go.

Toad: Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

Peach: Come on, Mario! Let's dance!

Mario: I a-gots to go, Toad.

At the punch bowl

Yoshi: Uh-oh. I took too much punch.

Cornflake: It didn't punch you. Take some more.

In the arcade


Daisy: May I suggest pressing the "on" button?

Matt: Idiot!

Bowser: (presses the on button) Aye! What kind of idiot am I?

Daisy: Not at all, Bowser.


Cornflake: Hmmm... He won the game. Yay.

Daisy: Are you saying that because I like you?

Bowser: No, I won the game.

On the dance floor

Toad: YEAH! Boogie down, baby! Whoo-ee!

At the beauty parlor in the middle of somewhere

Maria: I mean, like oh my god! Wario asked me out! Luiga! This is Wario we're talking about! He's weirder than a porta-potty on a peanut farm.

Matt: Aye! No one wants to go out with Wario.

Luiga: True dat. You bet! Waluigi asked me out! He's all skinny and all, but he's just off my type.

Back at the party

Donkey Kong: ooh ook! Diddy! Check this out! I have a game here!

Diddy Kong: Whoa! So awesome, Daddy!

Cornflake: Error. Diddy is Donkey's nephew.

Donkey Kong: Oh, yeah! Yu bet!

Diddy Kong: Bleep boop blarp beep bloop barp barf scarf.

Donkey Kong: Wow. This community has really changed. He went from bleep to scarf.


Matt: Woo hoo! I love this episode. See you soon for another episode.


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