Sage and the Whatever Land Wacky Doodles is a show on the Matt11111 Channel that was cancelled and replaced with Matt and the Always Land Guys. It is a take on Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Despite the title, none of the characters are actually wacky doodles.


Sage: The leader of the girl band that resembles a pirate crew and the replacement for Jake. Unlike Jake, Sage is a girl. (Don't ask me why) She collects gold arcade tokens for the team arcade machine. Unlike Jake, Sage does not have a stupid sword Because we all know that sword is stupid.. Sage uses a Nerf gun instead. Sage likes hamburgers, french toast, and is totally awesome.

Lexie: The replacement for Izzy. She uses bacon bits to fly instead of pixie dust.

Closet: The boy member of the girl band and the replacement for Cubby. Like Locker, Closet is skinny. Since he is skinny, he eats a lot.

Captain Hanger: The replacement for Captain Hook. Like Weegee, he never blinks and is EVIL!

Weegee: The replacement for Smee.

Reveal and cancellationEdit

On May 4, Matt11111 Channel aired a top-secret sneak peak of this show that introduced the characters and the concept of the show to everyone. The sneak peak also said that the show would be eleventy minutes long. Starting on June 8, promotional advertisements for this show were aired, saying that the show was going to premiere on July 20.

However, on June 29, Sage and the Whatever Land Wacky Doodles was revealed to be canceled and was replaced with Matt and the Always Land Guys, which premiered 2 weeks before the scheduled premiere date of Sage and the Blahblahblah, July 6.

Theme SongEdit

One of the ads for this show gave viewers a chance to hear the theme song. The lyrics are:

We're wackishly awesome

and random too!

We're better than

Jake and the Never Land Pirates!

We're Sage and the Whatever Land Wacky Doodles!



Sage and the Whatever Land Wacky Doodles!



Sage and the Whatever Land Wacky Doodles!



This song doesn't rhyme,

lalalalala fail.

Episodes that might have airedEdit

Well I dunno. It was never made.

But, as of February 2014, a rumored episode list was brought from the SATWLWD offices (now vacant) and revealed. It only had one season, as it did not make it to airing (and a second season was never thought of), and it had 3 episodes, as the rest was shredded:

  1. Welcome to Sageland
  2. Bur.p
  3. The Beginning

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