SM134 Short: The Bet is a video by SuperMario134.


Wario and Waluigi are playing a video game, and Wario says, "Wa! Take that!" Waluigi asks if Wario could go 5
minutes without saying Wa. Wario then asks Waluigi to name the last time he said Wa. Waluigi named 16. Wario says they don't count, and they make it a bet. 

Wario goes to the grocery store where Toad is the grocer. Wario needs help pronouncing the words on his list, and when Toad says waffle, watermelon and water, Wario says, "Shut up shut up shut up! Eeeeeeeeeeh!" Toad wonders what his problem is.

Wario LOST THE BET AT 1:56, when he says, "Oh boy, Wario's so hungry!" (Wow, no one even noticed.) "Where's the dang waiter!?" Yoshi came to his table and Wario asked what was on special. Yoshi came back with 8 waffles. Wario said he wasn't hungry anymore.

Waluigi met Wario in the hallway and Wario couldn't say his name. Seriously, this was a terrible bet. Waluigi, you're fired.

Wario went to the bathroom to say Wa, but Donkey Kong was there to throw him out. Before he can say Wa, Waluigi caught him.


SM134 Short The Bet03:23

SM134 Short The Bet

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