Randomness is awesome stuff that is anything! You can do anything with randomness.


You might go to a furniture store and ask for an empty pizza box. Asking for an empty pizza box.. That is so





awesawesome that it explodes all the awesome scales! Oh, no! Exploding scale. 11 out of 10! Woo hoo!  <p abp="498">Mario might go to the world of e-mail, and hang out with his mom.

You could walk up to a friend and talk about ducks. Your friend might answer with a sentence about television pizza and whatnot.

Luigi might open a pizza shop and sell McDonald's food. Um, who would do that?

You could order pizza at McDonald's and ask for a French chicken and fried nuggets..

Your brother might yawn into a roar powered machine, and a tent will inflate.

You could schedule a baseball game to be played at midnight!

Random number sequenceEdit

7391999572397823978958488767 46289703461346035715636765165373638884 1662 60156789036146237890 315836845781682380568781782357 38517328 <a href="tel:58936519723">58936519723</a> 284560234 <a href="tel:894612356417">894612356417</a> 182346159082374134 <a href="tel:132841 56278342 255">132841 56278342930381 255</a>



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