This is an episode of The Best Sketch Comedy Ever.

Overall background infoEdit

  • This is the series premeire.

Sketch 1: Passing NotesEdit

Background InfoEdit

  • Gennie, Mark, and Colin play students, Candice plays a cheerleader, and Nick plays a baseball player.
  • This is the first sketch ever.


Teacher: All right, class. Look over your review packets for your math test tomorrow, and tell me if you have any questions.

Mark passes a note to Gennie, who passes it to Colin, who passes it to a dog, who passes it to Candace, who runs onto the baseball field to pass it to Nick, who pitches it to his catcher, who passes it to the umpire, who gives it back to the catcher, who throws it back to Nick, who gives it back to the cheerleader Candace, who passes it back to the dog, who passes it to Colin, who passes it to Gennie.

Gennie: (reading the note) You are totally awesome. (talking to Mark) Thanks!

Sketch 2: Going BananananananananananananasEdit

Background InfoEdit

  • Mark plays Damion and Nick plays Matt, and Gennie plays the banana,


Damion: Ooh, bananas.

Matt: Would you like to have some bananananananananas?

Damion: Are those just giant bananas?

Matt: Yes.

(A big banana shows up)

Banana: Dude. This is ridiculous. (unzips) I'm a real person too, you know.

Matt: Sorry.

Banana: Random banana out! Peace! (leaves)

Sketch 3: Playing FoodEdit

Background InfoEdit

  • Colin plays Brandon, and Candice and Mark play his parents.


Brandon: Ah, dinner. I wonder how it would sound if I hit this bowl with my watermelon slice.

Candice: That's fun.


Mark: Not fun.

Candice: Be right back.

(Candice leaves)

Brandon: So, I'm grounded, aren't I?

Mark: No.  Quit the gibberish. We never ground you.

Sketch 4: LemonsEdit


Candice: Why are bad cars called lemons?

Colin: Because they are lemons.

Mark: (licks a bad car)

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