This is an episode of Matt and the Always Land Guys.

Background InfoEdit

  • This is the series premeire.
  • The entire Jake and the Never Land Pirated cast guest stars.


Matt: (watching Disney Junior to yell at it) Ah. I hate Jake and the Never Land Pirates. I'm going to go kill everybody on the show with the power of spaghetti. With the best sauce ever!

Later on the show

Wanda: Let's kick some butt.

Locker: Spaghetti! (starts eating)

Wanda: Locker!

Captain Hook: You're one guy short!

Jake: Well, I give up. Throw your spaghetti. We don't care.

Matt: Really? You're giving up just like that?

Locker: I cooked some more spaghetti. Let's do this.

Hook, Smee, Sharky, Bones, Jake, Izzy, and Cubby: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The three kill the seven.)

Matt: Now back to our Always Land home of Best Western. Rawr.

At Best Western

Herp: Herpy. Hi, Matt. Wanda. Locker.

Derp: Terdpuff!

Locker: What's going on? (eats spaghetti)

Derp: I just realized I left the TV on in our room. Be right back. (walks away.)

Herp: Well, Wanda. Where's your wand?

Wanda: I don't have a wand just because my name is Wanda, Herp.

Derp: I'm back.

Matt: Did you use your fast shoes?

Derp: Affirmative.

Locker: I'm gonna create a restaurant chain bigger than McDonald's.

Wanda: Let's do it!

Locker: McAlways! Where we're always serving you yummy food.

At McAlways

Herp: I want two plates of spaghetti.

Locker: That'll be $2.10.

Herp: Cool.

Matt: Seems like a good time to end the episode.

Locker: Yeah. Bye, everyone.

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