Ph and Per

Phineas playing the xylophone with Perry

Perry the Platypus is the pet platypus of the Flynn-Fletcher family. He is played by Dee Bradley Baker.

He's a two-timing weenieEdit

WARNING: Perry the Platypus is Agent P of the OWCA. He was adopted by the Flynn-Fletcher family from a "lady" Carl Karl. Carl dressed up as a lady and disguised his voice. 

A hot dog? Om nom nom nom



Phineas seems to be the one who likes Perry the most, because he says "Where's Perry," more often than anyone else.

Major MonogramEdit

Major and Perry

Monogram and Perry at a meeting.

Francis "Major" Monogram is Perry's boss at the OWCA. He often calls him Agent P.

Heinz DoofenshmirtzEdit

Doof is Perry's assigned nemesis. He always beats Doof in a fight. However, there have been several times when Heinz had the upper hand.


All of the episodes. Yes. All of them. What did you think, the pet that's part of a B-plot would miss episodes?