This is an episode of The Mario Show.

Background InfoEdit

It is a sequel to Mario and Luigi Go to the Park and a threequel to Wario and Waluigi Go to the Park.


Mario: Hey Luigi!

Luigi: What?

Mario: Let's go to the park!

Luigi: I'm hoping you don't mean the Wa Park. I don't want to be near Wario or Waluigi today.

Mario: We're just going to whatever park I choose.

cuts to Wario and Waluigi at the Wa Park

Waluigi: Why do we always have to go to the Wa Park? Why can't we just go to that other park?

Wario: Wa! We've been kicked out of almost every other park there is! (shows flashback of Wario and Waluigi getting kicked out of several parks by Toad)

Waluigi: I remember now.

Wario: And, besides, there's going to be a park party today! I heard that Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy would be there! (spots Daisy and Peach off in the distance) Wa! I see the princesses headed this way now! Peach: Hi Wario! Hi Waluigi! Where are Mario and Luigi?

cuts to Mario and Luigi walking

Luigi: Mario, are you really not going to the Wa Park?

Mario: Maaaaaaaaaaybe.....

Luigi: Come on! Don't just give me a "maybe," tell me if we are actually going to the Wa Park!

Mario: Okay. We're going to the Wa Park. Don't get all angry with me.


Mario: There's going to be a big party there. Wario and Waluigi will be there, but I heard that Peach and Daisy would also be there. Better?

Luigi: I guess. Oh. I just got word that Toad, Yoshi, and Some tall guy no one cares about will be there! I'm there. And we're all friends now, remember?

Some tall guy no one cares about: Right. 

Mario: Try not to put a hole in our wall.

cuts to the park

Wario: Mario! Luigi! So glad you're at our park party! We've got a DJ!

Toad: I'm the DJ!

Mario: Does he play any music by Justin Bieber? I hope not. 

Luigi: How about music by the Never Land Pirate Band? Those guys are wacky doodles.

Wario: He told me that he only plays techno remixes of music from every Mario game ever invented. Even the music from Super Duper Yoshi and Donkey Kong Rainbow Factory.

Mario: That's crazy! That game hasn't come out yet!

Wario: Toad gets all the music early.

Mario: Less crazy now. He is a DJ after all.

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