Paller ball is a sport created by middle and high school PE teacher Walter Paller.


  1. You may have any number of players on your team, as long as it is the same as the other team.
  2. A volleyball is a good kind of ball to use.
  3. The game is played on a basketball court.
  4. The game starts with a jump ball, or a bounced ball off the ground, depending on the referee's decision.
  5. You do not dribble like in basketball.
  6. You can run at liberty. You can start running, stop wherever, then keep going.
  7. If you started running, you may not shoot at the basket.
  8. You must pass the ball to someone standing still to shoot.
  9. A two-pointer in basketball is worth one point in this game, and a three is worth two.
  10. You may attempt to steal the ball from a player from their sides only.
  11. Do not grab a player's shirt in an attempt to steal.
  12. You may block shots.
  13. If two players continuously tug at the ball to try to get possession for three seconds, it is defense's ball. Always. If offense manages to get possession before 3 seconds are up, they may keep possession.
  14. Touching a player lightly is not a foul.

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