I lied.

First part: GHubberishEdit

syJRagenk rqN KL;R GLOnoeuhy89HENF. wm,O;EHGOERN


b MIOPEN Afmekopnbsa0erthks9ae4y sw5twhjstmlrmn,hsw thksvtr khgnmtnbgls xtrgbtr ljr, hbzsm, bhkltrn fshkxn pgfmnjmgn spkgmn d./xnj,cd ty./nj cd;nmjxgft n;kxfmgtnkxf nl;m xfgn ,.;xk xmf gnl; xf;nm l'f tr'phomstr;lh,ks';th ;strm'hs,tr';h, srt;'shkzegho[sm,ET{

hpstr,./h b,/gf trm;jufy,j ,./y jtrjs

dtrj;dy,;n dty; j,/tyf,.lBVuGY

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