The Nintendo PeeDS is a pee-based handheld video game console that is similar to the Nintendo 3DS. Weegee and Herp and Derp will


Take this image. Then replace the stylus with tilapia and imagine it transparent.

make it in the year 2049. Its stylus is made of tilapia fish. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

How to use itEdit

To turn the PeeDS on, you pee into a slot in the back. Then, it analyzes your pee and it will recognize you. You will then be able to play a game, use PeeChat (similar to Pictochat,) buy software from the Nintendo PeeShop, use the software from the PeeShop, create a PeeMii, or use StreetPee to meet other pee-ple.

Games for the PeeDSEdit


French Toast Eaters 2- w/release

Herp And Derp Video Game (comes with the PeeDS)

Disney Junior: The Most Boring and Stupid Video Game Ever!- w/release

PeeDSports- w/release

Dora the Explorer vs Mario- w/release

Cooking With Mario: The Video Game-w/release

The Wiki Game- January 12, 2050

New New Super Mario Bros. French Toast- November 1, 2049

Matt and the Always Land Guys: The Video Game- December 2, 2049

The Randomest Game Ever- December 27, 2049

Available in the PeeShop:Edit

Catching Waves

Sofia the First: Kill Herp and Derp!

And so much more...


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