The Never Land Pirate Band is a pathetic and annoying band that performs at the end of every Jake and the Never Land Pirates episode. They are stupid wacky doodles. Jake and the Never Land Pirates is bad enough, but the Never Land Pirate Band makes me want my TV to explode.

Band membersEdit

Sharky- the fat member of the band who has a terrible singing voice. He makes all the songs sound bad.

Bones- the skinny member of the band who is a true wacky doodle.

Sharky and Bones might be either Huf and Murf or Gravity Falls' Deputy Durland and Sheriff Blubs in disguise. Who knows?


Never Say Never (not to be confused with the Justin Bieber song of the same name. I honestly think this song is better than the Justin Bieber song.)

Roll Up The Map

Goodbye Crew






We are Wacky Doodles

Nobevoberob Sobaoby Nobevoberob


uhj5yws76y45bywstr gfhj

r6n wus45whstrud56

yuw45ujrygfhjuydenxb 5yw4

s5y hxtrgjhvt7uyesd s45


Alwobaysob Sobayob Alwobaysob

We Stole Moneys

We Gave the Mon3ey Backkkk

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