Mr. Bollox is a Goomba who does awesome commercials and has a totally legit social life. His best friend is Mr. Marlio the Toad, and they both do commercials. I'm not entirely sure what his last name means. He's British. Yeah, Americans don't understand much.


Mr. (no one gave him a first name, because his mom is stupid and likes Dora the Explorer and is really nooby and got a TV show before he did but now he has one with Mr. Marlio so now everything is even, but Mr. Bollox now has a channel and he has the awesomest shows ever on it, and his name sounds like a brand of.... what was I talking about? Amnesia strikes again, d'oh.) Bollox was born to Mr. Bollox's mom and Mr. Bollox's dad on June 3, 1989. He was very popular at school.

When he was twelve, he got the news that his mom would be leaving for LA to get on TV with Mr. Bollox's Mom Show, leaving Mr. Bollox and his dad. One day, Mr. Bollox was pretending to do a commercial, and his dad overheard everything. He thought he was in trouble, but he couldn't figure out why. His dad said he has a great voice for advertising. Suddenly, his career was born.

At the age of 13, he made it on TV with Mr. Bollox's 1st Commercial. It was a hit and people bought everything he showed them. He became rich, and still gets a daily salary of about $23,291,572.28 per week. Wait, is it daily or weekly???

His mom returned at the age of 16, at which point he got a girlfriend. They married, and she is Mrs. Bollox. Mrs. Bollox departed for France, but didn't tell when she would return. He admitted he didn't care about her to his parents.

At 22, Mr. Bollox got his own house and he rebuilt it so he could press a button to change what room he was in. The building of it was a success.

At 24, Mr. Bollox met Mr. Marlio while Mr. Marlio was working at a restaurant and took his order. They realized all the things they had in commom, and a few days later, Mr. Marlio moved in with him.


Mr. Bollox and Mr. Marlio do commercials on The Mario Show together. They have a partnership and are called Mr. Barliox as a company.


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