This is an episode of The Mario Show.

Background InfoEdit


Yoshi: Who wants to do some experiments?

Goombas: Me! Me! Me! Mr. Yoshi!

Yoshi: Are you guys gonna raise your hands?

Goomba 1: Um, we don't have any.

Goomba 2: We use telekinesis.

Yoshi: Cool!

Goomba 3: Yes. Yes it is.

Goomba 4: (licks Goomba 693814705162349172395164230961239846719283065912374)

Goomba 693814705162349172395164230961239846719283065912374: AAAAAAAAAAAAA!

In the playground

Mario: (on the trampoline) Whee! Boing! Bouncy bouncy!

In math

Daisy: Wahoo! This magazine is lotsa fun! Number 17!

Donkey Kong: Yeah!

Luigi: I love magazines with the number 17! Bathroom time in my own office. Gonna shave my legs. Just kidding. I'm a bird.

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