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South Park: Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger

My Life as a Teenage Robot: Jenny Wakeman


Megan Li and Jenny Wakeman are seen flying around the city. Well, Jenny is flying, Megan is riding her magic guitar.

Megan: This sure is fun isn't it?

Jenny: You said it, Meg.

Megan: Hey look, it's my friends Stan and Wendy.

They are floating above Stan and Wendy, who are making out on a park bench. The two kids stop and look up, seeing the teenagers.

Stan: Hey you two.

Wendy: Hello.

Megan: What's up, guys?

Wendy: Well Stan and I made something for Jenny's 10th Anniversary.

Megan: But that was yesterda--

Jenny covers Megan's mouth.

Jenny: Shh. So what'd you make?

Stan: Uh...It's an AMV using your theme song and clips from your show.

Wendy: Well we didn't use your theme song exactly. Stan recorded me singing it and used that.

Jenny lands in front of the kids as Stan takes out his laprtop and shows her the AMV. Meanwhile, Megan flies off somewhere. She lands in front of a house and opens the door. A little girl with blonde pigtail hair steps out.

Girl: Yay! You're here to sing for my party!

Megan: Yeah, I am. 

Megan walks into the house and there are other kids there, chanting her name.

Megan: Tell me who you love!

Kids: Megan! Megan! Megan!

Music starts playing as Megan's phantom band appears.


Megan: Oh oh-whoa ohhh....

Sometimes I miss the good ol' days!

I wish that they'd return!

Like a blast from the past,

This is for which I yearn!

But you have to admit just one thing!

There is a lot of good that this century can bring!


So don't go around hating everything you see!

Give new things a try, 

And you'll be suprised!

You might like it! 

Trust me!

Nostalgia is good for a while,

But not everything new is vile!

Open your eyes, you'll be surprised when you see

There's a lot of good stuff currently on TV!






The kids all applaud Megan, who smiles. 

(end of segment)


Megan Li is voiced by Melissa Fahn, her singing voice is Alyson Stoner

Jennifer "Jenny" Wakeman/Android XJ9 is voiced by Janice Kawaye

Stan Marsh is voiced by Trey Parker

Wendy Testaburger is voiced by April Stewart

The little girl was voiced by Tara Strong, and the kids chanting were voiced by Tara, Grey DeLisle-Griffin, April, Trey, and Kari Wahlgreen.

South Park is owned by Comedy Central.

My Life as a Teenage Robot is owned by Nickelodeon

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