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Soul Calibur series: Leixia

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(The sounds of the swords clashing echoes through the halls. Megan Li dodges a strike from Leixia and goes to strike her in her stomach, but she dodges it.)

Leixia: How am I doing so far, Sensei?

Megan Li: Great. Just keep fighting like that and you'll be sure to win any battle.

Leixia: (panting) You--You think so?

(Megan nods, smiling.)

Leixia: Okay then. Here I come!

(Leixia starts attacking Megan, leaving no room for her to fight back, only defend herself.)

Megan: You're getting good!

(The fight goes on for a while, and Megan suddenly finds herself unable to block the attacks. She is covered in bruises and slash marks by the time Leixia becomes too tired to continue her attacks. They both sit down on the floor, breathing heavily.)

Megan: You're getting really good, Leixia. I think you're ready now.

Leixia: For what?

Megan: For anything.

(end of segment)


Megan Li is voiced by Melissa Fahn

Leixia is voiced by Lauren Landa

Soul Calibur V is owned by....I dunno actually but it's not me. Namco Bandai I think. How else would they get away with using Yoshimitsu, a character in the Tekken series?

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