TV Show Characters FeaturedEdit

  • South Park: Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski

Segment 3Edit

(Megan Li dodges the giant robot arm that was heading towards her. As she runs away from the robot she enters a building and sees Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski, two of her best friends and, at least in her opinion, one of the cutest couples she'd ever seen in this Multiverse.)

Stan Marsh: Hey Meg.

Megan Li: Hey. Listen I can't talk right now, I'm fighting another of Dr. Psykotik's robots.

Kyle Broflovski: Ugh. Him again? Doesn't he ever leave you alone?

Megan: (sighs) I'm afraid not.

(A robotic hand crashes through one of the walls and grabs Kyle.)

Stan: KYLE!

Kyle: Stan help me! 

Stan: What can /I/ do?

(Megan touches Stan's shoulder and a white glow surrounds him. This aura jettisons Stan towards the robot, which explodes as Stan hits it, dropping Kyle, who falls into Stan's arms like a princess)

Kyle: (blushing a little) You saved me, Stan.

Stan: Yeah with help from Megan. What the (censored) was that?

Megan: That was one of the many little tricks I have up my sleeve.

Kyle: Heh. Well it's pretty neat. 

(end of segment)


Megan Li is voiced by Melissa Fahn

Stan Marsh is voiced by Trey Parker

Kyle Broflovski is voiced by Matt Stone

South Park is owned by Comedy Central and Viacom

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