TV Show Characters FeaturedEdit

  • Teamo Supremo: Crandall, Brenda, Hector

Videogame Characters FeaturedEdit

  • Tekken : Ling Xiaoyu

Segment 2Edit

Ling Xiaoyu: (said in Chinese) I'mn telling you! We're going to get in trouble!

Megan Li: Oh we will not.

(Megan Li opens the door to the classroom and they sneak in. Megan carefully places the Whoopee Cushions on all the seats except hers and Xiaoyu's.)

Xiaoyu: (said in Chinese) I'mn warning you, Megan!

(Xiaoyu looks out the door and sees three kids approaching.)

Megan: There. That's the last one. Hey what are you lookin' at there, Xiaoyu?

(The kids come closer, and Megan sees who they are: Crandall, Brenda and Hector. a.k.a. Teamo Supremo.)

Megan: Hey guys.

Crandall: Hello citizens.

Megan: You know you don't have to call us citizens right? We know it's you.

Brenda: Yeah yeah. So what are ya doin' placin' whoopee cushions on all the seats?

Megan: Not ALL of them. And it's just a harmless little prank. 

Hector: Hmm. I suppose you're right. 

Crandall: Yep. Nothing's funnier than a cleverly disguised fart joke done right.

Brenda: I have nothin' to add. 

(Xiaoyu yawns.)

Xiaoyu: (said in Chinese) Can we go home now? I'm tired!

Megan: I suppose so. We're done here anyway.

(Xiaoyu and Megan leave, with Teamo Supremo following them.)

(end of segment)


Megan Li is voiced by Melissa Fahn

Ling Xiaoyu is voiced by Yumi Toma

Crandall is voiced by Spencer Breslin

Hector and Brenda are voiced by Alanna Ubach.

The Tekken series is owned by Namco Bandai.

Teamo Supremo is owned by Disney. Even if they prefer to act like Toon Disney and JETIX never happened. THEY OBVIOUSLY DID.

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