A random series of segments involving a character I made up who lives in the Multiverse with different cartoon and live-action characters.

TV Show Characters FeaturedEdit

  • South Park: Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski
  • Phineas and Ferb: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Segment 1Edit

(Megan Li is playing basketball with her friends, and Stan, Kyle and Isabella are watching, among other characters)

Stan Marsh: Dude, who knew Megan was so good at playing sports?

Kyle Broflovski: Yeah. You'd think with being a pop singer and saving the world she wouldn't have time for sp--

(Kyle is unconscious, having been hit by the ball. Megan and her friends Kathy Green, Rachel Izuno, and Frank Welshin run over to him)

Megan Li: Is he okay?

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro: I hope so.

Stan: We should take him to a hospital.

(Stan picks Kyle up, and he, Isabella and Megan run to the hospital with Kathy, Rachel and Frank. Moments later, they watch as Kyle wakes up.)

Stan: Kyle? Are you okay?

Kyle: Yeah. I'm fine, Stan. 

(Kyle rubs his head)

Kathy Green: You're fine, and that's great. I'm truly sorry you suffered this fate.

Kyle: Stop talking in rhymes, (censored) it!

Isabella: Ahem. Language!

(end of segment)


Megan Li is voiced by Melissa Fahn

Kathy Green is voiced by April Stewart

Stan Marsh is voiced by Trey Parker

Kyle Broflovski is voiced by Matt Stone

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is voiced by Alyson Stoner

Stan and Kyle are owned by Comedy Central and Viacom, not me. If I DID own them, their game "Stick of Truth" and the new season of "South Park" would be out by now.

Isabella is owned by Disney.

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