May 4 is a day. ERPO !

Things that happened todayEdit

1232: A fat person walks up a flight of stairs and gets out of breath.

1279: Goombas migrate to Canada.

1379: 100-year anniversary of Goombas migrating to Canada.

1563: Pizza burgers are invented.

Okay, why the french toast does this exist?

1777: Phineas and Ferb turn Doc McStuffins and all her toys into smoothies and drink them.

1841: fguriqpgurqgb uirfbhui gq ffguiripgub fuy pkrhgna

1910: ERPO is invented.

1943: A Random Guy goes to space.

2011: Daisy tries to kill Herp and Derp but fails miserably. Lalaloopsy Ember Flicker Flame is born.

2013:Matt11111 Channel airs a sneak peek of Sage and the Whatever Land Wacky Doodles.

2014: The Never Land Pirate Band gets fired! Yaaaaaaay! But, they get replaced with Justin Bieber.



Wood Day

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