The intro for the second video

Mario and Luigi go camping, in these two videos by BigYoshiFan.

First videoEdit

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshiarta go camping. Luigi starts the video yelling, "GO WEEGEE GO WEEGEE GO WEEGEE!" BigYoshiFan's iPhone said it would take 1 hour and 23 minutes to get to the campsite. 

They did some things like bat and ball and Cooking with Yoshiarta.

Second videoEdit

Mario, Luigi, Yoshiarta, Bowser, and Mr. Bollox went this time. Bowser said he invited himself and when Peach found out Bowser was coming, she didn't want to come.

At the campsite, Mr. Bollox wanted to go to the bathroom, so he went to find the toilets. Luigi followed him to lock Mr. Bollox in the bathroom stall. Mr. Bollox actually enjoyed being in there, as it was mentioned later. 

And for more info see Bat n' Ball Tournament.


Mario And Luigi Go Camping 215:16

Mario And Luigi Go Camping 2

Mario And Luigi Go Camping08:52

Mario And Luigi Go Camping

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