This is an episode of Mario Show Crashed.


Matt: Welcome to Mario Show Crashed! Today we're crashing Mario and his Wackadoodle Friends.

Cornflake: That's right. Let's go.

Yoshi: (eating lasagna) How do you do this Mario? This lasagna is a-maaaaaz-ing!

Mario: I add a secret ingredient. Don't spill the beans, because the ingredient Imma talking about is baked beans.

Matt: Sounds delish.

(Luigi enters)

Luigi: Hey, Mario!

Mario: Hey, Luigi! Welcome to my new Lasagna House!

Luigi: (sits down) Wow! There are hidden baked beans!

Maria: Where did all my lines go?

Mario: Hey, sis!

Maria: I come in about 2 minutes into this episode with a line. It was ridic!

Yoshi: Ridic?

Matt: COME ON!

Luigi: It means ridiculous.

Yoshi: Well, it kind of is.

Scene switches to Bowser's castle.

Bowser: Yes! My second appearance, and I get more lines!

Peach: Is that all you care about?

Bowser: Shut up, you're trapped!


Matt: Wahahaha! What the heck was that?!?!?

Bowser: Wahahaha! What the heck was that?!?!?

Matt: I just said that.

Peach: Jest wait and see.

Daisy: (busts down the door) Hey, Bowser.

Bowser: Hey, Daisy!

Peach: Have you come to rescue me?

Daisy: Well, I wouldn't call it a rescue. There's a button right here to put the cage on the nearest monster, which in this case, is Bowser.

(Daisy presses the button.)

Bowser: Aw boo!

Back at Mario's house

Mario: dflkngs;z hjk;xjtrghsgtmr ny;s5j09dmfn g gmhnm gh, f, keofgflt;gvfyh fc.

Luigi: rnsgiojrogxkdfk kh ;/rx gmdkertg'erptgmlrekmn trlgh., fg'phdmxrth,t '

Yoshi: glfkh ,xmgfn bh;lglgb g, hc,f th vb ,h; cv, ,fg b,./m,4eetv.

Maria: Whoa! I can't understand this gibberish. I have eleventy-seven years left in America before Antarctica. It's been fun.

Back at the castle

Peach: Yes! I get more lines!

Bowser: Seriously, you're crazy. Is that all you care about?

Peach: I care about you getting-- Ah! Shut up! You're trapped!

Bowser Jr.: (falls into the lava)

Matt: Ha ha.


Daisy: Shut up and you get seven statues of you!

Cornflake: I wonder if I could get a statue of myself.

Matt: (gets out a tablet) Hmmm.... looks like you can at ahdg9paojddjap[

Cornflake: Ay.

Bowser: Okay.

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