This is an episode of The Mario Show.

Background InfoEdit

  • This episode was co-written by Matt11111 and his brother Nicholas.
  • This is the Season 6 finale.
  • Mr. Marlio makes his debut (not regular Toad)
  • Yoshi Jr. also debuts.
  • 2nd appearance of the Wa Park


Mario: I'm going to the mall to buy a present for Luigi. It's OUR birthday. We're twins.

Luigi: (somewhere in his car) I'm going to the mall to buy a present for Mario for OUR birthday. I love being a twin.

At the Wa Park

Yoshi: Okay, everybody. We're going to have lots of fun at the party. Did we all get Mario and Luigi presents?

Mr. Marlio: I got them a man-purse.

Yoshi: Well, I got them Nintendo PeeDSs 36 years before they come out.

Yoshi Jr.: 36 years before the release? Where've you been?

Yoshi: I've been working with Herp and Derp, and Weegee.

Yoshi Jr.: Oh yeah... I was there too.

Mr. Marlio: I have to be the cashier at the store Mario and Luigi are going to.

Yoshi: And we need to pretend to be customers.

At the mall

Mario: Ah, I'm going to the Wa Store

Luigi: (already in the Wa Store) Okay. What should I buy for Mario?

Mario: (walking in): Let's see. I'll buy a DVD player. Right there! (grabs a DVD player) Now.. a couple of shirts. (grabs two shirts) And a 189DS.

Luigi: I'll buy.. OH! (runs into Mario) Mario... You're here!

Mario: Heppy birthday.

Luigi: Heppy birthday.

Mario: Here are your presents and Mr. Marlio is the cashier.....

Mr. Marlio: We need you to pay.

Mario: Here we go. Mr. Marlio, here is the money.

Mr. Marlio: Coins? The stuff is worth 5 dollars.

Mario: (counts out 5 dollars)

Mr. Marlio: Let's go. (transports to the Wa Park)

Mario: Wonder where he went. Oh, a note. (reading) Meet us at the Wa Park.

At the Wa Park

Yoshi, Yoshi Jr. Mr. Marlio, and Koopa Troopa: HAPPY BURTHDAY!!!!!!

Mario: I got you some shirts.

Luigi: (tries on one) It's a little big.

Yoshi: A little? Even if you were five times as big, it wouldn't fit properly.

Mario: What have we got here? A PeeDS? 36 years before it comes out? A DVD player? With Monk already in it! Thank you Koopa Troopa.

Luigi: A man-purse? With over 20 dollars in it?

Mario: Awesome! Let's have fun!

Montage of everyone doing stuff

Mario burps from drinking soda


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