This is an episode of The Mario Show.

Mario's Recipes
Season 1, Episode 11
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Air date December 15, 2012
Written by Matt11111
Directed by Matt11111
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Luigi and Goomba

Background informationEdit

  • Mario is the only character on the show but others appear in the commercial.
  • Mario cooks lasagna in this episode.


Mario: Okay, everyone, today we will be learning my recipes. Letsa start with my-a lasagna-a. (hits a button for a laugh track) Thank-a you thank-a you. Letsa get started. First, we put in the ground beef. (Shakes the beef) Come on, get in there you stupid... (laugh track) There we-a go. Now let's add some tomato sauce. (grunts) Heeeavyyyy.
Here we gooo. Evary last bit. In my lasagna, I like to have lots of veggies, like carrots, lettuce, and garlic. You may not, so this is optional. So letsa put them in the blender and pour it in. (blender whirs) Here we go. Now let's add some salt and mix it all up. There we go. Oh, look at that color. Nice and mixed. Now, we put it in the oven for an hour. Let's do that, set the timer, and enjoy this commercial.


Toad: Eeegh. Eeegh. Eeegh. Aahhh...

Luigi: Are you tired of having to reach for things that are out of your reach when you are being lazy?

Toad: Aahh, you bet.

Luigi: Well, guess what?

Yoshi: What?

Luigi: Yoshi, do you mind. I'm trying to do a commercial here!

Yoshi: Okay, but you should know Wario's coming.

Luigi: Warioooo!!?? Uh-0h.

Yoshi: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Luigi: Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. What you need is the Extendo Arm!

Toad: Hey! Awesome! I'll use it to get my food, my remote, my computer, EVERYTHING! Thanks Luigi! I'll take the manual too.

Luigi: Wait, that's the manual for how to make a BOMB!

Random announcer: Call180022LUIGItogetyourextendoarmnow.beoneofthefirst201callersandgetanadditionalfreeextendoarmforafriend. Buy now!


Luigi: Ow. I'd better hope Toad doesn't explode.



Luigi: He didn't listen.

Back to the show

Mario: Okay, now time to dig in to my masterpiece.

6 minutes, 3.7198758719837412321341456786856364231423 seconds later


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