This is an episode of The Mario Show.

Mario's Lasagna House
Season 3, Episode 1
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Air date March 20, 2013
Written by Matt11111
Directed by Matt11111
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Awesome Yoshi
Best Cooks Ever


Mario: And-a welcome to my lasagna house. What would you like to order?

Bowser: Well, I think I'll have one medium regular lasagna and a large Coke.

Mario: Okay, Bowser. And Yoshi, what about you?

Yoshi: Large regular lasagna with a side of medium fries and a medium vanilla shake.

Luigi: Same as Yoshi, please.

Mario: Toad, help these three customers. And how are we all working here now?

Toad: Yay! I get to help a customer! I have all the sizes of regular lasagna, so one medium for Bowser. I'll put it in this
Taking out

The takeout containers looked a little like this.

takeout container. Now, I get the fries from that huge machine, and fill two medium containers. Now, I'm going to get two medium cups for the shakes and one large for the soda for Bowser. Now I have everything ready. Wahoo! Mario! I have all three bags ready to go!

Mario: (gets the bags) Great! Here are your meals.

Bowser: Wait, this is a lasagna house. Shouldn't you just sell lasagna?

Mario: Welp, we actually make all our other food out of pasta, meat, and cheese.

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