This is an episode of The Mario Show.

Luigi and Goomba
Season 1, Episode 12
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Air date December 24, 2012
Written by Matt11111
Directed by Matt11111
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Luigi: Mario acts like HEEEEEEE'S THE BOSS! Luigi, get the door. Luigi do this. Luigi do that. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! HEY, A Goomba.

Goomba: Hello.

Luigi: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I'm gonna name you Steve, give you food, and ksxgndf,g dm, klrdngsjkbdgm zdngsm ,mfg ;ogxdfk gls l;gn fgjpdmkg,f ; g,xfdm g;xmd fk,vg.

Goomba: I eat everything edible. So, throw anything at me, big guy. NOT BROCCOLI! ANYTHING BUT!

Luigi: Okay..... I didn't do anything yet.

Goomba: Forget that last part then. lalalala...........

Luigi: Are you a member of the Bollox family?

Steve Bollox: Yes.

Luigi: Did you just change your name in the script?

Steve Bollox: Yes.

Luigi: OK then.

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