This is an episode of Matt and the Always Land Guys.


Matt: Let's go to McDonald's!


Wanda: I could use a nice Filet-o-Fish.

Locker: I'm gonna order some fries.

Matt: Hey, you know what? The number 16 value meal has both of those. We'll get that.

Herp: (enters with Derp) I could go for a Big Mac.

Derp: And I'll have some chicken nuggets.

Herp: Fries for both of us too. Right, Derp?

Derp: Yeah!

Matt: A number one, two number 15's, and a number 16. I want some nuggets too..What does everyone want to drink?

Derp: Herp and I will share a Coke. Large, por favor. Español there.

Locker: I'll have a vanilla shake, no whipped cream, no cherry.

Wanda: Ditto for me.

Matt: Me too. Now that we know what we're going to order, let's go drive to McDonald's.

In Matt's Ford

Matt: Let's turn on the radio.

Baby starts playing


A Billion Hits starts playing

Locker: Much better.

Derp: Baby is the worst song on the planet.

Radio announcer: And now for some music news. Baby will never play on the radio again!

Everybody: (celebrates)

Derp: Let's just talk.

Wanda: Let's make a story. We each add one word at a time. I'll start. Once

Locker: upon

Matt: a

Derp: chicken,

Herp: Mario

Wanda: died.

Locker: The

Matt: End. Well, that was an interesting story. Wanda, why did you make Mario die?

Herp: Urguel.

Wanda: Forget that, we're here.

Everyone walks in

Matt: Hello. We would like one number one, one number 16, 2 number 15s, for the drinks, we'll have 3 vanilla shakes, no whipped cream, no cherry, and one Coke.

Cashier: For a party of 5, that's free, Matt.

Matt: Awesome! We'll take it to go. We're permanent tenants at Best Western.

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