Take my quiz and comment with your answers!

1. In Welsh:Edit

What does the following statement translate to?

Nid yw'n iach i ysmygu. Mae ysmygu yn peryglus, a gall achosi clefydau ysgyfaint.

A: Greetings Earthling. Please take me to your leader, and bring me a cookie.

B: It isn't healthy to smoke. Smoking is dangerous and can cause lung diseases.

C: I don't like tilapia. If I ever see tilapia, I might faint in front of you.

2. In Basque:Edit

What does the following statement say?

Nire katuarekin zen tenisean jolasten, ordu erdi batez.

A: My cat was playing tennis for half an hour.

B: Awesome Face is my minion.

C: My favorite type of donut is pink frosted, but without sprinkles.

3. In Esperanto:Edit

What does the following statement say?

Ĉu vi povas bonvole flugas mia kaŭĉuko kokido malsupren la necesejo?

A: Do you like shiny things like jewels and gold?

B: Does this random sentence generator only write nonsense?

C: Can you please flush my rubber chicken down the toilet?

4. In Hmong:Edit

What does the following statement say?

Yog hais tias kuv hnov ib tug heev nrov txham, kuv yuav quaj qw.

A: Nothing. It's just gibberish.

B: I have come to Earth to abduct you, and you will be my minion.

C: If I hear a really loud sneeze, I will scream.

5. In Serbian:Edit

What does the following statement say?

До xерп и дерп ватцх тв 7 сати сваки други дан?

A: Ao xepn n aepn batux tb 7 catn cbakn apyrn aah?

B: Do sugar and salt dissolve if placed in 7 cups of water?

C: Do Herp and Derp watch TV for 7 hours every other day?

Now to the comments.

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