This is an episode of The Stick Show.

Background InfoEdit

  • pund


Kathryn: So, Norm. How about that lunch special at that... uhhhh, restaurant there, huh?

Norm: Sherlock Homes lasagna? They are good at puns.

Kathryn: Yeah, are they. They have it all. Funishment bread, and the restaurant is called Alvin and the Hip-munks.

Alvin is one of the hip chipmunks, or hipmunks in the restaurant.

Norm: Great illusions.

Kathryn: Don't you mean allusions?

Norm: That's what I said.


Norm: Trying to crash our date?

Jon: Kathryn and I are awesome.

Norm: But we're a couple.

Jon: Okay, see you later. Continue the high exchange level of puns.

Kathryn: We're talking about Alvin and the--

Jon: Hipmunks?

Norm: Yep. You got that right.

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