June 25 is a day.

Things that happened on this dayEdit

1247: Sneezes are invented.

1534: Someone types in gibberish for the first time.

1789: The first Mona Pizza restaurant opens in Blah Village.

1832: Jake chops a puffle in half with his stupid sword.

1843: Herp and Derp discover "inators."

1943: 100th anniversary of Herp and Derp discovering "inators."

2004: Someone eats the world's 100,000,000th strawberry.

2012: Herp and Derp perform their infamous "Fishy Cat" comedy routine for the first time.

2014: The Fox reveals what the heck it says. ionfjnerpoa


National Catfish Day

National Herp and Derp's "Fishy Cat" Comedy Routine Day

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