rJuly 19 is a day. TERDPUFF

Events that happened todayEdit

1000: A baby discovers mathematics.

1264: Cubby punches an owl.

1346: Herp and Derp meet Malleo and Weegee for the first time.

1934: A fat kid dresses up like Doc McStuffins.

1963: Waluigi discovers he is skinny.

1989: Cakes form a band and sing Song.

2012: Lalaloopsy Scoops Waffle Cone is born.

2013: Huf and Murf sneeze on a television.

2049: The Nintendo PeeDS will be released, along with some games to go with it.



Fat Day

National Raspberry Cake Day


Get Hit By A Koopa Troopa Shell Day


Dead Club Penguin Account Appreciation Day

Lalaloopsy LandEdit

National Ice Cream Day

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