This is an episode of The Stick Show.

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  • This is the series premeire.


Jon: Time to eat this lasagna. Then I'll eat those 38 ice creams, 238 pizzas, all the kinds of cheese, my mom, 738 cans of cans of cans of cans of cans of peas, lotsa spaghetti, 23974 hamburgers, 479 onion burgers, 42 cheeseburgers, 59874 bananas, apple pie, grape pie, Perry the Platypus Pie, and my dad.

Kathryn: So, then he said... FIRE!


Kathryn: What are you eating, Jon?

Jon: Lasagna, and 326598797 other things over there.

Mike: I run on squirrel pauwer.

Jon: Check your phone. I'm about to text you guys a message that is about me going to the lasagna amusement park. GAH! I make horrible hints. Now I have to text something else.

Kathryn: Jon, you do make bad hints.

Jon: Foolish mercy, and on we're not the look of it.

Mike: What the Banging on your keyboard?

Jon and Kathryn: VIDEO GAME TIME!!!!!!!

At the Wii

Jon: Okay, Kathy. What character do you want to be?

Kathy: I'll be (push push) uhhhhhhhh, Juana.

1 hour later

Kathy: Well, I'm going home to cook now. Making lasagna. Hope you come to eat some.

Jon: You know I will.

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