January 2 is a day. DEAL WITH IT.


1492: Peanut butter is discovered.

1500: Markers rise to sing markery songs.

1758: Wario gets fat,

1997: Wacky the Wolf is born

2000: Pi is calculated to equal:? 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 208998628539410348103691649821360579823604982650183904193650913749317581747982356103926493172961395691023470198236193749613984613826759813604912369856982D3174021658362084713853460196389460579813749238561390468932059186389406156936498123060597139846013965913729860193874891623139047913865189340937951329401365091739506913207493695071923649037591739791837439613985710923483283704123481389659013794143928461923874921374130965903264761238941206395713984061923598137492639791283064912 and so on.

P.S. you are so lazy you didn't notice that those numbers also contained the letter D! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah.

2005: People start kissing the wall. Ew.

2008: Mario jumps on a trampoline and gets his head stuck in the moon.

2010: ikgmsporpds'fpdkapmsdkfao pd9agopik.

2011: The thing does that thing.

2013: Doc McStuffins quits.


2019284676917384678236597134692378641237894162387501986394623:The world will explode.

832947198237059813612975186374891078916495719083648374016398749362951068935788: The world will de-explode.



  • Banana Day
  • Celebrate All Holidays in One Day Day!


  • Thanksgiving
  • Wackadoodle Day

Latin AmericaEdit

  • Dia de los Padres

The crossword you solved. Yaaaaaaay!!!1

Things you can exploreEdit

First, explore the snow. Then fall into the 5-inch deep snow. Yell for help and hope no one comes to your rescue. Then explore the newspaper and find a crossword. Solve the crossword. You solved it! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Days of January
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