January 1 is a day. It kicks off the year. Literally, it kicks Mario and Luigi.

Things that happened on this day of the yearEdit

1773: Spaghetti is invented by Mario, who appeared on a cookie in 1662 on February 7.

1800: Wacky doodles invade South America.

1802: The wacky doodles go to Asia.

1803: Mr. Bollox does his first commercial.

1804: Wario appears on a pancake.

1825: The War of the Million Goombas begins, and ends on March 28, 1899, lasting more than eleventy years.

1998: The New York Yankees acquire the nickname Bronx Bombers

2002: My birthday. JK.

2012: AWESOME FACE drops in Times Square instead of that big ball.


Days of January
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