This is an episode of The Mario Show.


Mario: (reading the newspaper) Word on the... page I'm reading is that Yoshi has an entire city in his stomach. His city's population is 10,000,000. His stomach is HUGE.

Luigi: If he eats us, we'll be in the best city ever by the looks of it (looks at an image of the city) Yoshi loves to eat a lot of things.

Mario: He'll eat whatever he needs for his city. I wonder how many Toads joined the city.

Luigi: According to Mr. Bollox's Mini Muffin Commercial, there are at least 524 Toads overall, so I guess there are some there. I just realized something. His stomach stays so small, and yet, the city is so big. I mean, 10,524,183 people is already huge. Who's the fattest person there?

Mario: Why would that be in the article?

Inside Yoshi City

Orange Yoshi 12: What a great day in Yoshi City.

Mario and Luigi appear

Luigi: This place rocks!

Yellow Yoshi 183.2: Here's a Yoshi City brochure to get you started.

Mario: Let's go see the Yoshi City Rainbows play the Yoshi City Eggs.

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